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Training Programs


I have been fortunate enough to know Nick for almost 10 years and he has not only aided my growth as a basketball player, but also my growth as a person. After my first major surgery, Nick jumped at the opportunity to help me get back into shape for the upcoming season. We trained around three times a week and each day I would enter knowing I was going to be challenged, yet as I left, I would look forward to the next training session. His workouts are geared toward pushing you beyond your limits and making weaknesses into strengths. He knows what it takes to play at the next level and he can, and will, take you there. Nick also goes one step further by asking about family, school, and my walk with God. He listens with compassion and sincerity even if it is just during a quick water break. My junior and senior year, I was selected as the League MVP, led my team to two District championships, two state appearances and currently play basketball at Washington University in Saint Louis. However, I can confidently accredit a majority of my successes to his constant drive to help me grow as a basketball player. Nick has believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. In my final high school game, I tore my ACL and he did not hesitate to reach out to me and give his comforting words of wisdom, telling me that my hunger to come back will not only make me stronger, but also smarter. He has had to sacrifice a great deal due to injuries, yet his steadfast strength in God is a constant reminder that His plan is bigger than anything we are capable of comprehending. I am beyond blessed to have Nick as a brother in Christ who pushes me to succeed in all aspects of life. His incredible work ethic inspires me to invest 100% of my efforts into everything I do. Training with Nick has expanded more than just my basketball abilities and I am not only eternally grateful, but will also continue to work with him for the rest of my basketball career.

Kristina Engelstone